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      1. Zhejiang Future Machinery Co.,Ltd.
        Today's wet granulator has developed to high-speed wet granulation
        Publish:2020-10-28 15:30:38 Visit:1322

        Future Machinery takes intelligent wet granulator, automatic dry granulator, high-speed aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine, and three major series as its leading products. Advanced research and development level and excellent after-sales service provide high-quality pharmaceutical products for large and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad. Welcome to inquire about wet granulator, dry granulator and aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine.

        Today's wet granulator has been developed to high-speed wet granulation, and the high-speed mixing granulator is the most economical granulating equipment developed in recent years. It combines the mixing and granulation process together and is carried out in a fully enclosed container. It is characterized by saving time and meeting GMP requirements, good mixing effect, high production efficiency, good particle and sphericity, good fluidity, easy cleaning and no pollution, stable content and low energy consumption. It is a kind of equipment with a large amount of granulation, high speed, good granulation and low energy consumption, which is very popular among users. At present, several solid preparation processes have accounted for 70% of all solid preparation granulation equipment. However, it has certain requirements for granulated materials.